I'm looking to use Net-SNMP snmpd in our automated test suite. The
way our tests are architected, we will need to have a number of snmp
agents which we can start and stop at will, and have a number of
agents running on the same box at the same time.

These requirements make it impractical to have snmpd listening on a
fixed port. The solution is to have snmpd bind to port 0 (asking the
kernel to pick any free port), discover what port was chosen with
getsockname() and then write this into a specified file. Tests which
need to talk to this snmpd instance can read that file to find out
where it is listening. We've done this before with other kinds
servers; the general scheme works well.

My question is about the changes that have to be made to snmpd (I've
got 5.4.1). From what I can tell, the only real changes that need to
happen are in snmpUDPDomain.c:netsnmp_udp_transport(). If addr-
>sin_port == 0, after doing the bind() on line 650, I'd need to do

the getsockname(), write the port back into addr->sin_port, and write
a string representation of addr out into the designated file. I don't
see any reason why that shouldn't work, but I'm not familiar with the
architecture of the rest of the system. Are there any hidden gotchas
or unanticipated side effects of this that I should be aware of?

I also need to track down all other places where snmpd reads or writes
files at fixed locations in the file system; all of these will need to
be made to work relative to some designated temp directory.
Hopefully, that won't end up being too many places :-)

Roy Smith
Software Guy, EMC Common Management Group
44 South Broadway, 7th floor
White Plains, NY 10601
+1 914 580 3427
AIM: roysmith649

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