2008/4/25 Ron Rader :
> > and how to send trap information regarding link status.

> But you can conceivably generate these traps with the proper
> configuration entries in your snmpd.conf file.

You can send traps regarding links status of your *local* systems
(i.e. those running the Net-SNMP agent) using a suitable snmpd.conf
file - yes.
See the snmpd.conf(5) man page section on "Active Monitoring"
(and the archives of this list) for details.

But that won't help you in detecting link up/down events for your
network switches (unless they are also running the Net-SNMP
agent, and you can tweak the relevant snmpd.conf files).

You might find it easier to use a simple shell script to watch for
changes, and trigger the appropriate traps.

Or else talk to your switch vendor to see whether they already
support linkUp/Down traps.


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