Thanks to your help the last question have been resloved, but the
new one appeared.

I'm extending the net-snmp Agent, OS core is linux 2.6.22 , CPU is
MIPS architecture.

I want to read something about the kenel space. This can be done
using the auto_nlist() routine shown in the AGENT.txt file.Ialso see
the example in agent/mibgroup/mibII/udp.c,but these is something i don't

for instants(in agent/mibgroup/mibII/udp.c):
line 113:

(this macro is define in file include/net-snmp/system/generic.h )
auto_nlist(UDPSTAT_SYMBOL, 0, 0);

what has done this routine ?

line 161:

here define a variable udpstat, this variable is used below.
but what type is it?

The macro UDP_STAT_STRUCTURE is defined above,
#define UDP_STAT_STRUCTURE struct udpstat
I cann't fine the struct udpstat where defined.

If i want to get the disk size, which step i must to do?
In the linex kenel the struct statfs can know this, but
i don't know how to relate net-snmp to kernel.

when i do this

#define STATFS_SYMBOL "statfs"

in the init routine i write this

auto_nlist(STATFS_SYMBOL, 0, 0);

i define the variable statfs also

#define STATFS_STRUCTURE struct statfs

it cann't compile correctly.

I know the disk size can also get form /proc/ file system.
if i get this info from the /proc/file, can it be or not?
Is there some example?

The two method which is good?

Expect to your respound.

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