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Thanks for clarification.


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2008/4/23 Wang, John :
> 1. Can the Net-SNMP's proxy forward the traps and informs as
> SNMP-PROXY-MIB implementation does?

The NET-SNMP agent doesn't handle receiving (or forwarding)
notifications. You need to look at the "snmptrapd" receiver,
which does have a mechanism for forwarding notifications
to another receiver. See snmptrapd.conf(5)

> 2. You mentioned in your previous email that the SNMP-PROXY-MIB

> support dynamic configuration of our current "proxy" directive. Does

> imply that the Net-SNMP proxy can be dynamically configured?


The whole point of the Proxy MIB is to support dynamic

What I was intending to say was:
- the Proxy MIB is designed to support dynamic configuration of
"whole packet" proxying.
- the Proxy MIB is not designed to support dynamic configuration
of "delegated subtree" proxying (as used by the "proxy"

Hence the Proxy MIB cannot be used to support dynamic configuration
of the Net-SNMP proxy support.

> My understanding is that the "proxy" directive in snmpd.conf
> can only be read in during the init time, so it can't be configured

> the fly. Is it correct?

That's correct.
(Well, you could edit the file and signal the agent to re-read it,
but that's not really the approach being discussed here).

You are perfectly correct - the Net-SNMP proxy support cannot
be configured via SNMP SET requests - not using the Proxy MIB
(which is not suited to the approach we use), nor any other MIB.

Sorry for the ambiguity.


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