2008/4/24 Sathasivam, Elayaraja :
> After uninstalling all net-snmp by command rpm =96e .
> But still I am finding some of the files under
> /usr/local/bin/ snmpwalk, etc=85

Those will be the commands that you installed manually
(eg. using "make install")

> Could you please help us to uninstall these snmpwalk , snmpget
> etc from this /usr/local/bin folder

rm /usr/local/bin/snmp*

You'll probably also have to remove SNMP-related files from
/usr/local/sbin/, /usr/local/lib, /usr/local/share/snmp

If you run the commands

locate snmp
locate mib

that should give you an indication of where the Net-SNMP
stuff might have been installed.

But don't just blindly take my word for any of this.
Always think about what you're doing! If in doubt, run
rpm -q -f {path to file}
to check whether a given file is actually part of another package


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