2008/4/24 Sebastian Schmidt :
> I'm using the version 5.2.3 on Debian and if I execute snmpd -f -Le -Dexec it works!
> Thank you for that. But if I start snmpd with /etc/init.d/snmpd start it doesn't work
> So do I have to run snmpd with root-rights to let it execute procfix commands?

What are the permissions on the script?

What user does the init script run the agent as?
What happens if you start the agent manually as this user?
(e.g. "su -u {user} -c snmpd .....)

Alternatively, it's possible that the init script is picking up a
different version of the agent.
Check the paths that this script uses.
Check the system logs when the init version starts up.
Does the version recorded match that when starting it by hand?


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