2008/4/23 Mike Ayers :
> > > The table_dataset/group_tdata functions are for

> > "datamatted" [sic] tables
> > > those for which you store the data and forget.

> >
> > That's true for 'table_dataset', but not for 'table_tdata'.

> http://www.net-snmp.org/dev/agent/modules.html
> Did I misread, or is the tdata documentation incorrect?

The documentation is incorrect - or at least the headline
description is misleading. I'm not too clear exactly what
Wes originally meant by "datamatted" (table_data) vs
"automatted" (table_dataset). And the table_tdata comments
were effectively carried over from the earlier helper.

It's been said before, and I wouldn't disagree

Net-SNMP documentation sucks

> So is there a set of user level table functions that don't need mib2c?

Nothing *needs* mib2c.
(Except perhaps the MfD framework).

It is perfectly possible to use the various table helpers in
hand-crafted code That's typically how I work a lot of the time.

All mib2c does is to handle the donkey-work of generating a
suitable template for a given table, from the MIB definitions.
There's nothing inherently special about the code produced.

If you prefer to code the handler manually, using a different
structure or layout etc, that's fine. The mib2c output simply
shows how to use the relevant helper API calls.

I'm not sure whether that answers your question - partly
because I'm not entirely clear what you mean by "user level
table functions"


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