2008/4/24 Sathasivam, Elayaraja :
> I have installed from rpm package. Not from source package.

But you've also said you get:

> $ rpm -q -f `which snmpd`
> file /usr/local/sbin/snmpd is not owned by any package

So the SNMP agent that you are actually running is *NOT*
from an RPM package. It very much looks as if you've got a
mixture of two or more different installations of the software.
This is Not A Good Idea.

I will repeat my advice from Tuesday.
I suggest you remove *all* installations of Net-SNMP from your
system, make sure that it's clean, and start again.

Install *one* distribution (probably the 5.3.1 RHE5 version
would be the simplest) and just work with that.

As it stands, there is too much confusion about which version(s)
of the software you're actually using, for us to provide much in
the way of reliable advice.


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