2008/4/23 Mike Ayers :
> > I have found no information about table_dataset2 helper. Does
> > this exist?


> I suspect that it is this:
> http://www.net-snmp.org/dev/agent/group__tdata.html

Not quite.
The 'table_tdata' helper is a reworked version of the 'table_data' helper.

Both of these represent the table as a collection of individual row data
structures. The helper takes care of selecting the appropriate row from
within this collection. The user-provided handler should then select
the requested column value from within this data structure.

The 'table_dataset' helper takes this a stage further.
As well as taking care of the table as a collection of rows,
it also handles each row as a collection of column values.
The standard helper can therefore process an SNMP request without
needing *any* user-provided handler code.

The original intention of the table_dataset2' helper was to apply the
same 'table_data' -> 'table_tdata' reworking to the dataset framework.
But this never actually happened.

> > Can anyone clarify for me which code in net-snmp works for
> > the purpose of implementing a table.

All of the table helpers have been used for implementing assorted
tables with the Net-SNMP agent, so they should all work successfully.
I still hope to look properly at the problems you have been having.

> The table_dataset/group_tdata functions are for "datamatted" [sic] tables
> those for which you store the data and forget.

That's true for 'table_dataset', but not for 'table_tdata'.

> I don't see any functions to build the rows, either.

The code for building a row in a 'tdata'-based table is specific to
the individual MIB table, so isn't part of the tdata helper itself.
Instead it will be generated as part of the mib2c.tdata.conf template.

> I suggest taking a look here:
> http://www.net-snmp.org/dev/agent/gr...__generic.html
> ...for what appears to be a more generic and complete set of functions.

That's not actually a user-level table helper.
It's more intended as a design framework of the API that a particular
table helper should look at providing.


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