Thanks a lot for your info.

1. Can the Net-SNMP's proxy forward the traps and informs as
SNMP-PROXY-MIB implementation does?

2. You mentioned in your previous email that the SNMP-PROXY-MIB couldn't
support dynamic configuration of our current "proxy" directive. Does it
imply that the Net-SNMP proxy can be dynamically configured? If yes,
then how? My understanding is that the "proxy" directive in snmpd.conf
can only be read in during the init time, so it can't be configured on
the fly. Is it correct?



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2008/4/23 Wang, John :
> 1. What's the IMO?

In My Opinion

> 2. What's the model of proxy forwarding assumed in SNMP-PROXY-MIB

The Proxy MIB model will look at the contex of an incoming request,
(or the community string), and use that administrative information to
decide whether/where to forward it.

But the request is treated as a single indivisible entity.
The master agent will either forward the whole thing, or none of it.
It doesn't actually have to parse the internal PDU in any way,
It can simply pass it on as is.

> and used in Net-SNMP?

The Net-SNMP agent can be configure to delegate particular subtrees
to another agent. So it will look at the individual varbinds from the
incoming request (rather than just the context/community), and
pass on selected portions of the request.

This is a more flexible arrangement, but means that the master agent
*does* have to parse the internal PDU - even if it's actually not going
to process anything itself


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