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On 21/04/2008, Arthur Bryan Santos wrote:
> Ah I see. .
> This is the only source i found that had SNMPv3 source code. . .

You may wish to investigate http://www.maom_onet.republika.pl/snmp/snmp_ppnet/
This is a .Net wrapper around Johen/Frank's SNMP++ toolkit.

I've never looked at it myself, but it might provide what you need.

> In snmpUDPDomain.c during compillation, I cannot find SQL_IP varaible
> declaration. On reagards to what library was it contained.
> Sir.. do you have any idea.. as to its location?

Sorry - I've no idea what you're referring to here.
There's no mention of that token anywhere in the Net-SNMP source.
It must be something to do with your .Net framework.


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