On 18/04/2008, John Hardin wrote:
> > It simply means that the library (and hence the agent)
> > will be able to recognise a fuller list of MIB object names,

> Sorry to butt in, but how does this affect the agent? When does the
> agent even see a human-readable name from a MIB file?

Typically when processing entries in the config files.
For example

view systemView included system
view systemView included hrSystem

relies on being able to convert these two MIB names
into the equivalent OIDs. Similarly the DisMan Event
MIB configuration line

monitor linkUp ifOperStatus != 2

relies on being able to convert this MIB name into an OID.
(Which is where we came in :-))

> I thought
> it would only see the encoded numeric OID in the packet.

In terms of processing incoming requests, you are perfectly
correct. The PDU works solely with numeric OIDs.
But the config files typically use MIB names for readability.


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