On Apr 18, 2008, at 6:05 PM, Larry Dickson wrote:

> Thank you, Dw. I will see if it works. I notice that embedded perl
> and subagent are treated as mutually exclusive, so I will strip out
> the embedded perl line from the snmpd.conf.

Yes and no - as an instance - it is mutually exclusive - but I
commonly run several instances of the same script; the known/safe ones
within net-snmp and then one or two odd-one's outside as a sub-agent
serving an OID tree which is more ad-hoc or risky.

> Also, there appears to be no "pass.conf" so I will omit that. I also
> notice that it talks about 5.3.1 and says /var/agentx/master was the
> default; I could never get a socket in 5.4.1 until I added an
> explicit agentXSocket line to snmpd.conf

I've seen that as well - and in each time (sofar) it was a simple
permission problem.


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