On 18/04/2008, Ron Rader wrote:
> I am having a little trouble distinguishing the effects
> of "with-mibs" from "with-mib-modules", though

controls the list of MIB files that are hardcoded into the
library to be loaded automatically. It *only* affects
the translation of MIB object names to numeric OIDs.
It has no effect on what information is returned by the agent.

controls the list of MIB implementation code files that
are compiled into the agent. It *does* affect what
information will be returned.

> > Instead, you can get the same effect by adding the line
> > config_add_mib( CIPHEROPTICS-CRYPTO-MIB )
> > to the file coCryptoMIBNotifications.h

> I can do this, but will the generated Makefiles still include all my
> MIB extension code?

It will not change the behaviour of the agent at all.
It simply means that the library (and hence the agent)
will be able to recognise a fuller list of MIB object names,


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