Dave Shield wrote:
> On 18/04/2008, Thomas Anders wrote:
>> Then, still, shouldn't the disman code work independent of MIBS settings?

> If it's set up using numeric OIDs, then yes - it would.
> If it's configured using MIB object names, then it relies on the
> library MIB parser to translate those names into numeric OIDs.
> Remember that it's just the snmpd.conf processing that's relevant
> here. The DisMan tables themselves work with numeric OIDs.

I fully agree that's how it should work. But didn't the original poster say that just including "linkUpDownNotifications yes" in snmpd.conf triggered the ifOperStatus error?

Here's a quick test:

foo# env MIBS="" /path/to/snmpd --linkupdownnotifications=yes --agentsecname=_internal --rouser=_internal --rocommunity=foobar -C -c /dev/null -f -Le localhost:8161
trigger OID: ifOperStatus

: line 0: Error: unknown monitor OID
trigger OID: ifOperStatus

: line 0: Error: unknown monitor OID

Am I missing something obvious?


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at blue-cable.de)

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