Larry Dickson schrieb:
> Going on, I discovered man/snmpd.examples.5 suggested putting single
> quotes (?) around do *.pl in the "perl do" line, and doing that made
> Bareword go away, but still does not seem to do anything (like loading a
> subagent where ps ax can see it).

The "perl" directive is for enabling *embedded* Perl support, so you
won't ever see a separate process in the process list.

> If anyone knows of a subagent that works in 5.4.1 it might help.

snmptrapd runs as an AgentX subagent of snmpd if the latter is
configured as an AgentX master agent.

Also "make test" performs a few AgentX tests that work fine for me (and
most other people) with 5.4.1 on a lot of systems.

Could you post your Perl code?


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