Another clue - in the snmpd.conf file, the passwords are not replaced
with a key by the agent, as it says should happen in the documentation.

What can prevent this? And would it leave authentication working but
break privacy?

Thanks again


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On 17/04/2008,
> > snmpgetnext -V

> NET-SNMP version: 5.4.1

OK. It was worth a try.

> If there was no SSL compiled in then (I read) MD5 would work, but not


Yes - that's right.

> However both work (in authNoPriv mode).

OK - one last suggestion, and then I'll leave you to the Windows

Try running the (authPriv) command with the '-d' flag.
This will dump the raw contents of any SNMP requests that are

The command will still fail, but what does it display?


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