Thanks, Dave, I had missed that option.

I now have:

> snmpgetnext -v 3 -n "" -u user1 -l authPriv -a MD5 -A sessame1 -x DES

-X sessame1 localhost sysUpTime
Snmpgetnxt: Unsupported security level (Sub-id not found: (top) ->

The user2 with -l authNoPriv is working fine for sysUpTime, so do I need
to somehow configure security levels for the data (as well as for the

I should say I am using the windows precompiled executables from

snmpd.conf is:

createUser user1 MD5 sessame1 DES sessame1
createUser user2 SHA sessame2
rwuser user1 priv
rwuser user2 auth
rwcommunity public

Thanks again


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Subject: Re: SNMPv3 privacy: what am I doing wrong?

On 16/04/2008, wrote:
> * I have this snmpd.conf file:
> createUser user1 MD5 sessame1 DES sessame1
> rwuser user1 priv

> > snmpgetnext -v 3 -n -c public -u user1 -a MD5 -A sessame1

> -x DES -X sessame1 localhost sysUpTime

You haven't specified a security level, so the request will
default to 'authNoPriv'. But your snmpd.conf settings only
allow user1 to access the agent using encrypted requests.

Try adding '-l authPriv' to the command.

(And you don't need '-c public' - that's not relevant for SNMPv3)


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