On 17/04/2008, Alejandro Islas wrote:
> I tried to use mib2c.container.conf file but mib2c
> wasn't able to found it

Hmmm... what version of the toolkit are you using?
mib2c.container.conf has been around since the 5.2 release
(although the internals have changed significantly since then).

> 1)After using mib2c my .c file only contains create/remove entries
> functions. As far as I understand, I need to implement a fetch entrie, to
> avoid duplicate row entries..correct???

Sorry - I don't understand what you're asking here.

> 2) Besides including data reading functions (i'm using text files),

What do you mean by "data reading functions"?
How are you storing the table contents within your module?

> do I need to do anything else?? I did not do anything to the handler,
> get_first_data_point and get_next_data_point functions, I left them as mib2
> generated them.

The get_{first,next}_data_point routines need to step through the
rows of your table - in whatever way is appropriate for your module.
The template code assumes that the table is held as a linked list
of individual row entries - if this is how your data reading functions
store the table, then you probably don't need to change this code
much (if at all).
If you are storing the table in a different manner (or pulling it from
external sources), then you will need to amend these two routines
to match.

> 3) Could you explain (or send me an info link) of how my table handler is
> called by the system?? I don't see where my table list is called on it.

When you register the table, the agent includes this information in
a list of all the OIDs that it knows about. When it receives a request,
it searches this list for the appropriate match(es), and calls the
corresponding handlers.

> 4) I used gdb...but didn't help me a lot, it only confirmed a segmentation
> fault.

But it should also indicate *where* this segmentation fault occurs.
This would help track down what is causing it.

> I'm not compiling the whole project, only adding my so files using
> dlmod command. Can I still use dbg using this method or do I need to compile
> the whole deamon including my handlers???

Ummm... not sure.
It would probably be sensible to start by working with a "traditional" approach,
at least until you get the module working. The same module code can be
embedded within the main agent, loaded dynamically, or used within a
subagent - with no changes to the code.


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