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> What is the typical way of dynamically changing the ip
> address of an agent?

There is none.

> I have a linux embedded system with a CLI interface to change the IP
> address, and I want that change to immediately take affect in
> the agent
> (preferably without restarting the agent or sending HUPs, etc).

It may be possible, but I doubt it. I certainly doubt vthe code's ever been audited for this purpose.

Why is the IP address being changed, anyway, if I may ask? This is generally a "don't-do-that" kind of situation...

> I have a loaded module. It could listen for a message from the CLI
> application and then perform some net-snmp api to set/update
> the ip address.
> Would any of the following be appropriate candidates?
> like netsnmp_access_ipaddress_entry_set(...)
> like netsnmp_access_ipaddress_entry_update(...)

I'd recommend just setting the agent to listen on and rebooting it after each address change, which shouldn't take long at all.



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