On 16/04/2008, Alejandro Islas wrote:
> I'm kind of new to linux programming so could you please recommend
> me a debugger

See http://www.net-snmp.org/wiki/index.php?title=Debugger

> I used the mib2c.iterate.conf mib2c file to generate the code.
> Is this the best configuration file to used as a first approach
> to coding mibs tables?

That should be fine, yes.
I tend to prefer the mib2c.container.conf template myself,
but there's a large amount of overlap between the two.

> Should I used mfd file?

Not if you want me to help you! :-)

> My main goal is to keep my code as simple as possible

The aim of the MfD framework is to hide as much of the
processing as possible. It uses a separate routine for
returning the value of each MIB object (for GET/GETNEXT
requests), and another routine(s?) for SET processing.

Personally, I'm not convinced that the code framework is
any easier to work with than the iterator/container templates.
But this is almost certainly due in part to lack of familiarity
with this structure. Robert swears by it (while I swear at it!)

I wouldn't want my prejudices to put you off investigating this
framework if you think it might be easier for you. But you
might need to start asking for assistance on the IRC channel.
I'm not sure how much Robert reads the coders list (he certainly
doesn't tend to read the users list), and it's not a framework
that I'm prepared to support.


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