On 10/04/2008, McCann, Brian wrote:
> extend . PartitionUse-/
> /usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /

> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.22124.
> = STRING: "2025948"

Which is effectively


i.e. line 3 of the output for the extend directive "PartitionUser-/"

One of the differences between "extend" and "exec" is that
the extend token uses the NAME field to index the table
(rather than the order in which the snmpd.conf file entries
were read in).
So adding a new "extend" directive to snmpd.conf won't
affect the OIDs of any other entry. Adding an "exec" line
would shift everything read later up one.

As Thomas has said, see NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB for
the structure of this MIB. If you take a copy of this file
and change the root (nsExtendObjects) to point to your
specified OID, then snmpwalk should use meaningful
names, and interpret the indexes properly.
(But don't forget to change the module name too!)


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