On 10/04/2008, Mark Seger wrote:
> I'm trying to install net-snmp onto a system which has had its compiler
> removed so physically building on that system isn't an option. My plan
> is to build an rpm on an identical system which does have the compiler
> and then copy/install the rpm.

Where did you get the spec file from?

> + /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/brp-compress
> + /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/brp-strip-static-archive /usr/bin/strip
> /usr/bin/strip: /tmp/net-snmp-root/usr/lib/st9lY1VY/DynaLoader.a:
> Invalid operation
> /usr/bin/strip: /tmp/net-snmp-root/usr/lib/st3lZ6Yb/DynaLoader.a:
> Invalid operation
> error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.12900 (%install)

Do these two files exist?
What does "file /tmp/net-snmp-root/usr/lib/st9lY1VY/DynaLoader.a" report?

> I can see from the spec file there are more options in the configure
> line

Hmmm.... this doesn't feel like a configure-related problem.
It feels more to do with your general build environment.
(If nothing else, 'DynaLoader.a' isn't part of the Net-SNMP
code - it must be being supplied from elsewhere in the system).

> error: File not found by glob: /tmp/net-snmp-root/usr/share/man/man3/*::*
> error: File not found by glob: /tmp/net-snmp-root/usr/share/man/man3/SNMP*

What does this directory contain?
What does the %files section of the RPM spec file look like?


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