Hi all!

I've been using Net-SNMP on FreeBSD 6.2 for a while now, and I just
started up my first FreeBSD 7.0 machine and installed Net-SNMP 5.4.1.
First thing I noticed is that snmpd errored with my config file when I
ran it:

/usr/local/share/snmp/snmpd.conf: line 6: Error: ERROR: This
output format has been deprecated - Please use the 'extend' directive

Line 6 (which I copied from one of my boxes running 5.2.1) is:
exec . PartitionUse-/:root
/usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /

So, I swapped out and read about extend...and replaced it with this
extend . PartitionUse-/
/usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /

Now, since the man page says that if MIBOID is specified, the results
will basically be the same. However, when I snmpwalk that, I get lines
like the following:

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.22124. = STRING: "2025948"

....when I expected to see:

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.22124. = STRING: "2025948"

Can someone please tell me what I messed up? I'm including my entire
snmpd.conf file below (as simple as it may be). I'm sure I'll smack
myself in the head once I see the answer...but I'm at my wits end here
with where the heck it's pulling all those numbers from in the OID.


--Start snmpd.conf config file--
rocommunity ****
syslocation "Closet 1"
sysservices 15
syscontact ***@***.***

extend . PartitionUse-/ /usr/local/bin/partuse.sh
extend . PartitionUse-/usr
/usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /usr
extend . PartitionUse-/var
/usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /var
extend . PartitionUse-/tmp
/usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /tmp
extend . PartitionUse-/array1
/usr/local/bin/partuse.sh /files7/array1
--End snmpd.conf config file--

Brian McCann
K12USA.com, Cool Tools for Schools

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