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> From: Murilo Fujita [mailto:murilofujita@yahoo.com.br] =

> Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 12:23 PM

> Hi.


(Now you know I can't tell Portuguese from Spanish!)

> I tried the suggested link by Mike Ayers, but I didn=B4t get work.

Try http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/wiki...g_a_MIB_Modul=
e .

> I=B4m reading "Essential SNMP" (O=B4Reilly) and Douglas Mauro =

> talk about make a table readable via SNMP. For it, he wrote a =

> plain text and used a program named OpenView agent. A can=B4t =

> find this program and my question is how do I load a new mib =

OpenView is (was?) a Hewlett-Packard product. There is no free version. =
However, the capability to which you refer is available in net-snmp. Look =
in the snmpd.conf manpage, in the section "EXTENDING AGENT FUNCTIONALITY".

> without this program? Are there differences if the agent is =

> Linux or windows?

There may be the usual differences, but it is possible to write an extensi=
on that runs on both.

> My application is simple, just load a new mib, write some =

> values in objects, nothing more. =

SNMP =3D> "Simple Network Management Protocol" The protocol is simple, th=
e rest ain't.



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