Hi Dave,

We have managed to get full pathname process monitoring on Tru64 using
some undocumented /proc calls.

So we now have the following type of command in snmpd.conf:

proc '/opt/Ingres/IngresII/ingres/bin/iigcn II' 1 1

Still some soak testing to do and then will be trying to get the same
functionality on Linux and Windows.


Glen Bremner-Stokes | glen@ingres.com


Ingres Europe Limited | St Martin's Place | 51 Bath Road | Slough |
Berkshire | SL1 3UF | UK

Mobile: +44 7918 721 973

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On 28/03/2008, Glen Bremner-Stokes
> I can see (as per some previous list mails) that process monitoring
> uses pr_fname (16 bytes) as per the nix documentation

How the agent retrieves information about running processes depends on
the precise O/S you are using.
Checking the code, the 'pr_fname' field only appears to be used on
Solaris kit (reading this from /proc/{pid}/psinfo). Other systems use
a choice of ioctl calls (BSDi), the 'getprocs()' API (AIX),
/proc/{pid}/cmdline or /proc/{pid}/status (Linux), nlist (Ultrix), KVM
(alternative on Solaris), or by parsing the output of 'ps' (everything

You may need to do a bit of poking about to check with block of
code is active on your particular kit. See the (various) routines
'sh_count_procs()' in the file mibgroup/ucd-snmp/proc.c


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