Dave Shield wrote:

> On 25/03/2008, Mike Harless wrote:
> > Is it possible to ignore any context specified in a request?
> > I'd like to be able to support where clients can specify a
> > context, but snmpd just ignores the request and gives them
> > the default context instead.

> You'll almost certainly have to tweak the Net-SNMP code - either
> the SNMP request parsing code (e.g. to suppress the line that
> sets the context - snmp_api.c:snmpv3_scopedPDU_parse()),
> or to force use of the default context within the agent
> (e.g agent_registry.c:netsnmp_subtree_find_first())

Thanks! I ended up modifying the code in
agent_registry.c:netsnmp_subtree_find_first() to use the
default context if after searching through the list it didn't
find a match, and the context name was one that I was willing
to map to the default.


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