On 25/03/2008, Mike Ayers wrote:
> Please clarify - there is no "ping" in SNMP. What exactly are you doing.

Remember that Olivier is using the "pass_persist" mechanism.
The initial handshake uses a "PING"/"PONG" request/response.
(See snmpd.conf(5)).

It sounds as if this is working, but the subsequent SNMP requests
are not.

the thing that worries me slightly is that you say you are using
version 5.0.7. This is a *very* old release (and not even the most
recent on the 5.0.x line).
It would probably be worth installing 5.4.1, and trying the same
pass_persist script. If nothing else, this would indicate whether
your problem is related to the version of Net-SNMP you are using,
or your Solaris environment.

It might also be worth running the agent using
snmpd -f -Le -Ducd-snmp/pass_persist

and see what that reports.


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