I have completed a successful make install of the 5.4.1 version
of Net-SNMP. I ran the configuration tool and enabled the various parms
and settings. I have the processes up and running but when another Linux
host running Net-SNMP contacts this AIX server we see from traces that
the packets reach thru out firewall to the server but it simply fails to
respond to the polling by the other Net-SNMP. We have been over and over
the config and the content of the snmp.conf file and its location and
simply cannot figure out why it refuses to respond.

Is there like a top 3 oop's that folks have hit doing Net-SNMP
on AIX5.3, aside from the known issue with PERL and cc_r(which is an
install issue anyway not a config or operational issue), that prevent it
from communicating back to any requests from other Net-SNMP agents?

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