On 25/03/2008, Baltazar Francois wrote:
> We have generate the C code from the mib file OAM-GLOBAL-REG-V1.txt
> (attached)

The first thing that strikes me about that MIB file is that you are
defining a table with no accessible content.
The oamIndex column is defined as being "not-accessible"
(which is correct), but the two "column1/2" objects are also
defined as "not-accessible".
This means that there is nothing in this table which can
be retrieved via SNMP.

> with the command
> mib2c -c mib2c.create-dataset.conf oam

I'm not convinced that this code is the output of mib2c.
Given that all three MIB objects are not-accessible,
then I'd expect the default row call to be empty.

The OID given in 'oamTable_oid' doesn't match the OID from the
MIB file either.

> Then we have created the handler to respond to the mib values.

If you are using the 'table_dataset' helper, then you don't need
a handler routine. The dataset handler will deal with this for you.

> When we have test the code , the agent seem to respond only to GET NEXT
> request. The OID that results from these requests is something like:
> column_oid.

What is the exact GET request(s) that you are trying?

> As you can see in the .c attached file there is a call to
> netsnmp_table_row_add_index(row, ASN_OCTET_STR, "snmpv3",
> strlen("snmpv3"));

Again, I don't believe that this was generated by mib2c.

> We have tried to change this call to replace by an integer value (the value of
> the index column),

That would be correct, yes.

> code has compiled but crash at this point giving "segmentation fault".

What is the exact code that you are using?

> What we are trying to do is only to have an only one handler for all the values
> of the table, which respond to GET and GETNEXT requests for the values
> which look like column_oid.1, column_oid.2, column_oid.n....

That is how things should work, yes.
Apart from the problems mentioned above (like not having any valid
columns in your MIB!)

> Note : We are using net-snmp version 5.1.1 on Red Hat EL4

That is a very old release, and the 5.1.x line is no longer supported.
You might wish to upgrade to a more recent version (e.g. 5.4.1).
Though the problems you have outlined are probably not version


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