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> However I am trying to use snmpv3 - when i do "snmpwalk -c
> public -v 3" It returns "snmpwalk: No
> securityName specified".

Which is correct. The "-c" flag is for communities, which do not exist in SNMPv3. You will nee a "-u" flag to specify the USM user, plus "-l" and zero or more of "-a", "-A", "-x", and "-X". See the manpage for snmpcmd for details.

> I tried putting;
> createUser netadmin MD5 "netadminpassword" DES
> rouser netadmin
> Into the snmp.conf file (C:/usr/etc/snmp/snmp.conf file) but
> the command line just returns "Unknown Token: CreateUser,
> Unknown Token:rouser ".

Again, this is correct, since createUser lines belong in snmpd.conf, not snmp.conf.

> I have no snmpd.conf file that i can
> find and following the initial user setup tutorials i cant
> seem to begin to get this working.

So create one. Put it in the same dir as your snmp.conf. That's where mine is. Not entirely sure mine works, though - I usually use Linux.



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