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> Is this combination (openssl with --disable-ipv6) means
> disable ipv6 on openssl ??
> ./config
> --with-openssl=/opt/hpws/apache/bin/openssl --disable-ipv6 \

No. Flags are orthogonal. The first points to the location of OpenSSL, the second disables IPv6 support, and therefore prevents the agent executable from failing due to the inability to link with system IPv6 support.

> In our config file, vendor mentioned that down load openSSL
> A.00.09.07m from http://software.hp.com. We have perl module
> of openssl (Higer Version) already. My question is
> "--with-openssl=/opt/hpws/apache/bin/openssl --disable-ipv6
> \" really need. I am bit confuse on when to use --with and
> --without. Could you please tell me the difference.

As with all security libraries, you should use the latest available release on the same major version. There should be no difference other than security patches.

I am confused that you are confused about the difference between --with and --without. They are so self-explanatory that I cannot muster an explanation that doesn't use the words "with" and "without", respectively.



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