On 20/03/2008, Tim Spires wrote:
> My question is what are the plans for 5.5.

Nothing definite at all.

The next release cycle will be aimed at the 5.2.x line - as much to test
a new release framework as anything else. This is due to kick off
imminently (pre1 due "end of February" :-) ), and may well turn out to
mark the end of the 5.2.x line.

Following that, I suspect we'll be looking at either 5.5 or 5.4.2,
depending on how much new stuff is waiting in the wings.
I wouldn't like to predict which of the two is more likely. But I
can't honestly see either of these appearing within the next
four to six months.

Now all of that is my personal view, and should not be taken as
authoritative in any way whatsoever. But we've got an admin
IRC meeting scheduled for late March, so I'll add this to the agenda.
(And you could always drop in yourself, and see what the thinking
is - these meetings aren't closed)


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