I am using the following code in a Perl script:

my $result = $snmpSession->set_request(-varbindlist => [
($remoteStatusOid, INTEGER, 4),
($remoteInterfaceOid, INTEGER32, $neInterfaceIndex),
($remoteMacOid, OCTET_STRING, $currentMeterMacNoColons),
($remoteDekOid, OCTET_STRING, $meterDek),
($remoteEksOid, INTEGER32, $neEksIndex),
($remoteNekOid, OCTET_STRING, $neNek)
if (!defined($result)) {
print "Error: " . $snmpSession->error . "\n\n";

I keep seeing this output: "Error: Received wrongLength(8) error-status at error-index 3". When it says "error-index 3", it is referring to the line with $remoteMacOid. (And actually, I moved some lines around and it gives the same error to all of the lines that contain OCTET_STRING.) Strange that it would complain about the length, because OCTET_STRING can be any length, right? The $currentMeterMacNoColons variable has a value that is 12 characters, but I tried some tests with strings varying from 1 to 16 characters and I always got that same error. What is going on here?


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