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Dave, I'm agree with you but :

- the template code is a little buggy

- the 'load' routine isn't call when the table is empty. After the
'init' function if the table is empty the 'load' function is *never*
call  (see my post "Cache helper wasn't call when the table is empty")


Dave Shield a écrit :
cite="mid:c64ae3380803170224o3420338m762aa8d1c338a8b@mai l.gmail.com"
On 14/03/2008, kumar undurthi <manu1394@gmail.com> wrote:

      I have requirement in which i have to fill the table data when ever a
request will come,....
when the a request come at " i.e "(check in code ) case MODE_GET:"
then i want to update the table

And as I said last week, the best way to do this is to use the cache
helper. Generate the template code using

mib2c -c mib2c.table_data.conf -S cache=1 ocStbHostAVInterfaceTable

and put the code for updating the table into the 'load' routine.


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