On 17/03/2008, Nagaraju Surulivel wrote:
> I want to know the difference between ucd-snmp 4.2.7 and
> net-snmp5.3.2.

The UCD code line is no longer being maintained. 4.2.7 was the final
"put to bed" release for that code.

Net-SNMP 5.3.2 is the result of a significant amount of work that has
been done since the UCD code. There's a large amount in common
between the two, but the Net-SNMP code will have significantly more
functionality - particularly within the agent.

There has also been some renaming of data structures between the
UCD and Net-SNMP releases - although the contents of these data
structures are typically more or less the same.

> I was implement the Agent using net-snmp 5.3.2.
> The Manager was implemented using ucd-snmp4.2.7

That should be fine.

> Agent can send a Trap to Manager. Manager could identify the Msg.
> When Manager send Get/Set Request, Agent Receive the Request.
> But Agent couldn't able to response to Manager.

How have you configured the access control for the agent?

> Is it due to Version problem?

It's much more likely to be the access control settings of the agent.
Please see the relevant FAQ entries for more information.


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