On s=F6n, 2008-03-16 at 13:07 +0300, Aleksandr Lomanov wrote:
> Hi all!
> File read_config.c
> When I calling register_prenetsnmp_mib_handler() with "type" parameter
> equal to "snmp:snmpapp:..." it calls internal_register_config_handler()
> with "when" parameter equal to PREMIB_CONFIG.
> internal_register_config_handler() for processing "type_param" which
> equal to "snmp:snmpapp:..." calls recursively
> register_config_handler() which calls internal_register_config_handler()
> with "when" parameter equal to NORMAL_CONFIG.

I do agree with you - this is a bug and it should be fixed. Now, the
reason for the code to look as it does is backwards compatibility since
the : had it even prior to the introduction of

The problem is how this should be handled when combined with the release
policy[1] where API changes should be kept backwards-compatible if
possible. This change wil change the API of
register_prenetsnmp_mib_handler and while I doubt that anyone wil argue
that the change is for the worse it still is a change and so I suppose
there should be a new interface as opposed to the old one.

With all this said I think the patch should be applied anyhow.


[patch skipped]

1) http://www.net-snmp.org/dev/release-policy.html

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