On 14/03/2008, Umesh Kamath wrote:
> Actually i want to disable net-snmp agent and its associated file while
> installing Net-SNMP Package(not after installation).
> I came to know that following configuration option available to disable agents,
> Mibs and Parser code.
> --disable-agent Do not build the agent (snmpd).

This is just a wild guess you understand, but if you want to disable
building the agent, it's just possible that

configure --disable-agent

might do something vaguely appropriate. :-)

Or if you want to install everything bar the agent,
then edit the top-level Makefile, and remove 'agent'
from the definition of SUBDIRS.
"make install" should then install everything apart
from the agent. (Although you may run into problems
with the trapdaemon).

Alternatively, if you simply don't ever start the agent binary, then
this would also have the effect of disabling the Net-SNMP agent.


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