Hello everyone,

I am currently doing some scripting in Perl and i am using the Perl module
for Net-SNMP. I use the following code to establish a snmp session:

$sess = new SNMP::Session (DestHost => $host, Community => $comm, Version
=> $ver);

if ($sess->{ErrorNum}) { print "Got $sess->{ErrorStr}
querying $host for.\n";}

This works if the host i am trying to reach is online and is an snmp
agent. However if i deliberately put the host down, the script should
suposedly go down to the next sentence:

if ($sess->{ErrorNum}) { print "Got $sess->{ErrorStr}
querying $host for.\n";}

and thus it should print:

Got $sess->{ErrorStr} querying $host for.

Bu it doesn't print it. What am i doing wrong here?

Raul de Sa

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