On 13/03/2008, Isaac Eliassi wrote:

> My snmp agent has the following output messages in it
> "printf("1. before fork'\n");" - jest before the call to ret =
> netsnmp_daemonize(quit, snmp_stderrlog_status());
> and "printf("2. after fork'\n");" after it, The first message are displayed
> and the seconed is not, if I fihured it right it is because at the forking
> step the standard streams are being close, if so where does the message is
> written to?

It's thrown away.
If you want to see such messages, don't detach from the terminal ("-f")

> Many DEBUGMSGXXX depend at (_DBG_IF_), in case that it is set to 1, where
> will all the output will be written to?

It depends on how you start the agent.
By default, these will be logged via syslog.

When developing new code, I tend to run the agent using
snmpd -f -Le ....

so that any output is printed to standard error, and I can see it immediately.


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