On 13/03/2008, Jordi Moles wrote:
> Example: i want to create folders from snmp.
> let's say i run something like this:
> ***********************
> snmpset -v 2c -c mykey localhost . s "create...folder1"
> *****************************
> and i want snmp to create the folder1 and return if it has been created
> or not.

Fair enough.

> So... knowing that snmpset can't return a personalised "OK"
> message........

It can't return a *personalised* OK message.
But it can certainly return an indication of success/failure.

Your perl script can take this assignment,
parse the new value to interpret the command
and act on it.
Then either return nothing (if the command
succeeds), or something like "wrong-value"
or "inconsistent-value" (if it fails).

The agent would then return these errors to the
originating client application.


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