On 13/03/2008, lesly dorval wrote:
> When i walk enterprise.ucdavis
> snmpwalk -v 3 -l authPriv -A passphrase -X passphrase
> -u reporter localhost
> I get these annoying entries in /var/log/messages. I
> read many posts where this issue has been address in
> older releases.

I'm not sure which posts you are referring to, but this
problem was addressed about four weeks ago, using
patch #1866823 (see )

> Obviously, these values that I am grabbing can't be trusted.

Actually, they can.
These MIB objects have the syntax Counter32, so you should be
monitoring the differences between them anyway. The 32-bit
truncation won't affect this behaviour or the values returned.

This is true both with and without the patch - the only difference
is suppressing the log messages.

> Why is it still present in 5.3.1?

Because 5.3.1 was released in July 2006,
was superceded by 5.3.2 in December,
and the patch was only submitted in January this year.
Although it has now been applied, we haven't released
a new version containing this fix.


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