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On 12/03/2008, snmp girl wrote:
> > But you will still need to create the snmptrapd.conf
> > file, to set the trap access control stuff.

> > Are you going to be working with the Net-SNMP agent,
> > or just the trap receiver? snmpd.conf is used with the agent.
> > snmptrapd.conf is used with the trap receiver.

> just the trap receiver because the agent I have already configure it in a
> linux machine .


> so as I see , I should create the snmpd.conf in the /etc/snmp

Please look closely at what I say above:

".. you will still need to create the snmptrapd.conf file..."
" ... snmpd.conf is used with the agent...."

> and write in "disableAuthorization yes"

That would work, yes.
But only if you put it in the correct file!


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