On 11/03/2008, kumar undurthi wrote:
> I have a problem in creating a table and Fill the table. i.e
> Normally table can create in initialization() part and can be fill with the
> static data.
> But in My case.... I want to Create and Fill the table with the dynamic
> data(values) when ever a request comes to the Agent.

Probably the best approach would be to use the cache helper.

You haven't said how you are generating the code,
or which table helper you are using. But if you run
something like
mib2c -c mib2c.table_data.conf -S cache=1 myTable

this should generate a suitable framework for your MIB module,
including the code to load the table data when a request
comes in. This cached data will then be used for the next
few requests, until it's judged "too old". Whereupon the
next request will trigger a fresh reload.

The same approach can be used with the iterator helper
(same command, but specifying 'mib2c.iterator.conf'),
and probably also with the MfD framework.
(though I don't know much about that one).


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