On 12/03/2008, Jordi Moles wrote:
> i'm using perl to extend the functionality of snmp.

Extending the agent, I presume.

> The thing is that if i run this command:
> ********
> snmpset -v 2c -c mykey localhost . s
> "delete...bustia01"
> ********

> i get this in the shell.......
> ********
> UCD-SNMP-MIB::ucdavis. = STRING: "delete...bustia01"
> ********

That's correct.
The specification of SNMP states that the response to a SET request
will contain the exact same set of varbinds.

> so... what i would like to do is replacing this "STRING:
> "delete...bustia01" witch something else dynamically

Sorry - SNMP doesn't work that way.
The response will include the same value as was SET.
You can't change that.


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