On 12/03/2008, Nagaraju Surulivel wrote:
> But i want to set a soruce & destination port number as 161. I set the
> destionation number using trap2sink xx.xx.xx.xx:161 public

Why do you want to send SNMP traps to the standard port for
information requests? (GET/SET/etc). That would normally have
an SNMP agent running on it, which wouldn't be geared up
for processing traps as well.
The normal port for traps is 162

But choice of port apart, that directive should have worked.

> The receiving port is always 3072.

The receiving (destination) port, or the sending (source) port?

The destination port can be set using the trap2sink directive,
just as you've tried.
The source port is chosen at random, and doesn't need to
be set explicitly. The value of this port is not important.
Don't worry about it.


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