On 11/03/2008, Raghavendra Prasad wrote:
> I am talking about writing source code generation configuration
> script files like mib2c.scalar.conf- I am writing a script file to
> generate source-code-framework, I need to find size of the string from
> MIB file.

OK - got you.

> In the above example the MIB variable has a size of upto 16 character.
> I should be able to parse this in the script file - currently I am not
> able to do that.

I've had a quick look at the mib2c script.
And it does indeed look as if the size may not be accessible.

You *might* be able to do something with the $var.syntax or
$var.ranges tokens - but I haven't investigated these at all.

There's a full list of the supported tokens embedded within the
mib2c script itself. Search for "AUTO-EXTRACT", and then
see the rest of that comment block.

Do let us know how you get on.


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