> What do you mean by that?
> The size of an arbitrary string value that your MIB module should
> report back? Or the size of a new string value that is being SET?
> Or what?

I am talking about writing source code generation configuration
script files like mib2c.scalar.conf- I am writing a script file to
generate source-code-framework, I need to find size of the string from
MIB file. For example

controllerDialUpDialOutPhoneNumber OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0..16))
ACCESS read-write
STATUS mandatory
"Dial Up Networking
Dial-Out Phone Number (for traps)"
::= { controller 6 }

In the above example the MIB variable has a size of upto 16 character.
I should be able to parse this in the script file - currently I am not
able to do that.

Other wise I have to manually edit the script file to allocate memory
of 16 characters for the above MIB variable.

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