Hi, I'm using net-snmp on an embedded system and trying to figure out
how to use ./configure to tie in my private MIBs, but I'm having trouble
with the actual MIB files in the target. Can't find any detail in the
FAQ or archives. Note that net-snmp 5.4.1 appears to build correctly
with the following caveats.

Played around with these configure options:

"--with-mib-modules" : I understand this is used to add additional
instrumentation to the agent, and this seems to work as I expect. Used
mib2c to generate template code from our private MIBs, copied the
resulting .h/.c to /agent/mibgroup, and the resulting
mibgroup/Makefile includes my new module.

"--with-mibs" : I believe this is used to load additional MIB files in
the libraries, but it doesn't work as I'd expect. I copy our private
MIBs to /mibs, set --with-mibs="CIPHEROPTICS-CRYPTO-MIB:" and
run configure but the resulting mibs/Makefile has no reference to the
private MIB file with that name. I would expect that after the build,
CIPHEROPTICS-CRYPTO-MIB.txt would be installed in
/usr/local/share/snmp/mibs but it isn't.

I'm using our global Makefile to uncompress the net-snmp archive, copy
our MIB and generated agent code into the uncompressed file structure,
then execute the configure/make/install cycle.

Think I'm going about this the right way and if not, can anyone
provide a little more detail about --with-mibs than I'm getting from
../configure --help?

Thanks in advance,


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