The usmUser lines are now appearing in the persistent file. It seems to
require a SIGHUP signal to the agent in order to get the cached
usmUserTable to be written out. Rebooting the system (obviously?) did
not give the agent enough time, or maybe the SIGTERM handler does not
cause the write as does the SIGHUP handler.

In any case, I have another, seemingly related issue:

The vacmSecurityToGroupTable is not being saved out the the persistent
data files, and this is causing my usmUsers to have no view access upon

I still would expect that table items whose StorageType is nonVolatile
are written out to the persistent data file(s). The snmplib/vacm.c
source implies that the views should be written out:

[bit of grep...]
../vacm.c:139: * vacm_save_view(): saves a view entry to the persistent cache
../vacm.c:209: * vacm_save_access(): saves an access entry to the
persistent cache
../vacm.c:376: * vacm_save_group(): saves a group entry to the persistent

I do not follow the code enough to determine why the nonVolatile
vacmSecurityToGroup entries are not written to persistent files. A more
general question might be: what criteria triggers _any_ nonVolatile
entry to be saved out?

Thank you in advanced for any insight to this baffling issue.


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